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Closure of the Emmaus Centre
  December 2017

Letter to Friends of the Emmaus Centre


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October 2016

Dear Friends of The Emmaus Centre,

Closure of the Emmaus Centre, December 2017

At a recent meeting of the DMJ Trustees, the decision was taken that on the 31st December 2017, the Emmaus Centre will close. The Trustees thought long and hard about this decision which was not any easy one, but due to high  maintenance costs, as well as ongoing issues with heating and plumbing, and additional renovations required by Fire and Safety Regulations, it was felt that the Centre is no longer financially viable.

Needless to say, this has been a heart-wrenching decision because we are so aware of how significant The Emmaus Centre has been to so many people since it opened in 1979. Over the past 37 years we have welcomed  many retreatants, religious congregations, faith groups and  conference groups, and tried to provide a space where people can find peace and God. 

Thank you all for your support  over the years, you have all helped to make Emmaus a place of welcome, prayer and peace.

Let us pray that in our final year Emmaus may continue to be  'Holy Ground' a place where people can come to find peace and God, in a friendly and prayerful atmosphere.

Yours sincerely,

Sr Paula
Team Coordinator